Student Code of Conduct

At TheLearningAcademy we put your educational aspiration first and do whatever we can to
support them to reach their full potential. Please read the below points carefully. If you
have any questions please email

Students should approach the class with a positive and supportive attitude.

Students are requested to regularly review the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy
Policy of TheLearningAcademy. The students can raise any concerns by email to

Students should familiarise themselves with the Learning Zones and utilise the
Learning Management System to share content and to interact with the students.

Students should use the Activity Zone to ask questions about any issues they come
across that is related to their course. Students are expected to respect and support
each other while using this feature. A Student is also expected to use appropriate
language while using this feature.

Students are asked to log onto the Class at 10 minutes before the official Class time.
For Example, if a Class is to start at 7 pm a student should log on at 6.50pm to allow
the class to start on time.

Teachers who cancel a Class will reschedule the class at a later date (and
communicate this via email from the teacher menu). Although every effort will be
made to run the classes as per schedule the students are asked if possible to make
themselves available for the rescheduled class in the event this situation occurs.

Students should report any technical issue to TheLearningAcademy support team
( or by using the WhatsApp support tool so that it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Each student is expected to use the WhatsApp only for support activities

Feedback and feature requests are also encouraged by the student to
TheLearningAcademy Support team.

Students should take direction from the teacher while in the Live Class.

Students are expected to use appropriate language while using the features of the

The Student is expected to complete the Continuous Assessment feature of
TheLearningAcademy when requested to do so by the Teacher.

TheLearningAcademy has the right to “sit in” on a class for training and support
purposes for both teachers and students. The Teacher will be contacted prior to
this and the students will be informed when the Live class starts.

Students should interact with the teacher in the Class via the Instant Messaging
feature and the Raise Hand feature.

Students should participate fully if a teacher runs a Poll during the Live Class. This
will help the teacher run the Class more effectively.